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About Corgis

This section has all the answers to common questions about corgi care. For people who are looking to adopt or buy one, these articles cover many corgi FAQs asked by readers. Start here if you’re new to the breed.

How to stop corgi eating poop.

Why Does My Corgi Eat Poop? (How to Stop the Behavior)

Does your corgi eat his own poop? Or the poop from other animals? Find out why your corgi does this and how to stop the behavior.

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Why Does My Corgi Eat Grass? (And How to Stop the Behavior)

Does your corgi eat grass nonstop? Worried about if it’s healthy or not? Want to stop the behavior? Learn all about why they eat grass and what you can do about it!

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Are corgis good guard dogs?

Are Corgis Good Guard Dogs? (Yes, and Here’s Why)

Thinking about getting a corgi as a guard dog? Here’s what you should know.

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Why corgis are the best dogs.

9 Reasons Why Corgis Are the Best Dogs (Ever!)

Curious about what makes corgis the best dog breed? Check out these opinionated reasons.

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Fun facts about corgis.

36 Fun Facts About Corgis (Perfect for Kids)

Here’s a list of fun and interesting facts about corgis- from puppies to adults and Pembrokes to Cardigans. Perfect for kids.

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What to know about corgis before you buy or adopt

What to Know About Owning a Corgi (Before You Adopt or Buy)

Thinking about adopting a corgi? Here are some things you should know beforehand.

Why do corgis have short legs?

Why Do Corgis Have Short Legs? (Achondroplastic Dwarfism)

Ever wonder why corgis have short legs? Are there long-legged corgis? Here are the answers you’ve been seeking.

How much to feed corgi.

How Much Should I Feed My Corgi? (Hint: It Depends!)

Don’t know how much to feed your corgi puppy? Find out estimated feeding averages and best practices to keep your corgi’s diet in check.

Why do corgis have no tails?

Why Do Corgis Not Have Tails? (The Ridiculous Controversy of Tail Docking)

Confused over why corgis don’t have tails? Learn the reason behind tail docking and the differences between Pembroke and Cardigan tails.

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Why you shouldn't get a corgi.

8 Reasons Why NOT to Get a Corgi (Don’t Ignore These!)

Thinking of buying a corgi? Here are some reasons why you should NOT get one.

Male vs. female corgis.

Male Vs. Female Corgis – (Differences, Temperament, and Training)

Wondering what the differences are between male and female corgis? Here’s a complete overview between the temperament, ease of training, and pros and cons of male vs. female.

Corgi as a house dog.

Are Corgis Good House Dogs? (Things You Should Know)

Wondering if corgis make good house dogs? Check out this post to get all your answers.

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Why do corgis sleep on their back?

6 Reasons Why Corgis Sleep on Their Backs (Weird Sleeping Habits Explained!)

Wondering why your corgi is sleeping on his back? Find out all the common reasons behind this strange sleeping position and get your questions answered!

Types of corgi breeds.

The Two Types of Corgis (What’s the Difference?)

Wondering about the types of corgis and the differences between Pembrokes and Cardigans? Find out everything from size, personality, and appearance here.

Why corgis are expensive.

Why Are Corgis So Expensive? (Don’t Get Ripped Off!)

Wondering why corgis command such a high price tag? Learn the reason behind their expensive price.

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Corgi pros and cons of ownership.

16 Corgi Pros and Cons of Ownership (You Should Know)

Thinking about adopting a corgi? Here are some pros and cons of owning a corgi every first-time owner should know.

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Why do corgis sploot

Why Do Corgis Sploot? (Everything You Need to Know)

Ever wondered the reason behind corgi splooting? This page answers all your questions you could ever have!

Why corgis are so popular

Why Are Corgis so Popular? (6 Reasons for their Rise to Fame)

Corgis are one of the most popular dog breeds in 2019. Ever wonder about the reasons behind their rise to fame?


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Barking is a common problem with corgis because they’re vocal dogs. Thankfully, you can curb the habit by socializing your puppy early and practice obedience training.

Do corgis really bark a lot?

Do Corgis Bark A Lot? (The Answer is “Yes”)

Want to know how much corgis bark? Or are you trying to stop your corgi from barking? Learn everything in one place.


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Corgis are very smart dogs and can be easily trained, sometimes in less than 6 repetitions! Training your corgi puppy as early as possible is critical for proper housebreaking, barking, and basic obedience.

How to make corgi swim.

Do Corgis Like Water? (Why Most Owners Fail Socialization)

Does your corgi hate water? Do you want to make him swim? Learn about the breed’s history and socialization techniques for water.

How to stop corgi puppy from nipping.

How to Stop Your Corgi Puppy From Biting (6 Ways That Work)

Does your corgi bite nonstop? Is he out of control? Learn how to stop your corgi puppy from nipping you.

How to discipline a corgi puppy.

How to Discipline a Corgi Puppy (8 Easy Methods That Work)

Corgi biting or nipping? Don’t let that happen anymore. Start discipline training your corgi puppy and correct negative behaviors.

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Are corgis easy to train?

Are Corgis Easy to Train? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Wondering if corgis are easy to train? Here’s what you need to know about the breed’s intelligence, training, and housebreaking.

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Corgis are heavy shedders, especially when the seasons change. See how you can manage and control their shedding. Proper grooming, exercise, and diet are all major contributors to how much your corgi sheds.

Are corgis hypoallergenic?

Are Corgis Hypoallergenic? (What to Do If You Have Allergies)

Considering getting a corgi, but suffer from allergies? Find out if corgis are hypoallergenic and if they’re right for you. And if not, see other breeds that are similar to corgis for allergy sufferers.

How to stop corgi from shedding

How Do I Stop My Corgi From Shedding?

Corgi shedding like crazy? Check out these tips to help reduce the amount corgi fur around your house!

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A corgi’s profile is smart, stubborn, playful, energetic, alert, and cunning. These dogs have the personality of a guard dog packed into a small package that’s delicate enough for the whole family. See common questions about their personality here.

Are corgis good with cats?

Are Corgis Good With Cats? (What You Need to Know)

Thinking about adding a corgi to your family, but you have a cat? Or vice versa? Wondering about corgi and cat compatibility. Find out what you need to know.

Why do corgis sneeze?

Why Does My Corgi Keep Sneezing? (Stop the Sneezes!)

Wondering why your corgi keeps sneezing? Or reverse sneezing? Does it freak you out? Here’s what you shou

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Corgi shaking, quivering, and trembling.

Why Does My Corgi Shake, Tremor, and Shiver?

Wondering why your corgi shakes and shivers? Here are the possible reasons why and what you can do to help him.

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How to stop corgi crying fast

9 Ways to Stop Corgi Crying and Whining (Easy)

Corgi puppy crying nonstop? Driving you nuts? Stop the corgi drama and find out why your corgi is crying. And what you can do to stop the whining.

How to socialize a corgi puppy.

How to Socialize a Corgi (Complete Checklist)

Need a socialization checklist for your corgi? Check out these sample lists for tips on socializing your corgi puppy.

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Why does my corgi make weird noises around me?

19 Weird Noises That Corgis Make (And What They Mean)

Does your corgi make strange sounds? Find out what they mean and why.

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Why does my corgi not like paw touched?

Why Does My Corgi Hate Having Its Paws Touched? (3 Reasons)

Does your corgi refuse to have its paw pads touched? Here’s why and what you can do to help “fix” the problem.

Can corgis be left alone?

Can Corgis Be Left Alone (All Day)? What You Should Know

Worried about leaving your corgi alone all day? Here’s what you need to know.

Do corgis calm down?

Do Corgis Ever Calm Down? (How to Calm your Puppy Down)

Corgi going crazy? Learn how to calm down your corgi and when you should expect your puppy to settle down.


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Happy corgis are maintained. This means proper grooming, bathing, nail cutting, shampooing, checkups, and the whole shebang. Keep your furball happy and healthy by practicing the right care for your dog.

Why does my corgi poop so much

Why Does My Corgi Poop So Much? (Everything You Should Know)

Does your corgi poop nonstop and constantly? Find out why he does this and what you can do to get him on a regular schedule.

Average corgi expenses.

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Corgi? (Average Monthly Expenses)

Worried about how much you’ll be paying to pay for the cost of owning a corgi? Find out monthly and annual expenses, along with average costs.

How to tape corgi ears.

How to Tape Corgi Ears (Should You Tape?)

Curious about taping your corgis ears? Wondering how to do so? Not sure if it’s humane? Get all your ear-related questions answered now!

How often you should bathe corgi and how to bathe corgi.

How Often Should I Bathe My Corgi? (And How Do I Do It?)

Wondering how often to give your corgi a bath? Check out this complete article with everything you need to know about bathing them!

Do corgis smell like dog?

Why Does My Corgi Smell So Bad? (Get Rid of the Odor Now!)

Does your corgi smell like fish? Learn how to get rid of corgi odor and why your pup stinks in the first place!

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