Why corgis are expensive.

Why Are Corgis So Expensive? (Don’t Get Ripped Off!)

So, you’re looking to adopt or buy a corgi and you noticed that they’re very expensive!

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Why corgis have such a high price tag
  • The average price for a corgi
  • Are corgis expensive to maintain?
  • And more!

Let’s dive in and get your corgi FAQs answered.

Last updated: 1/28/20.

The reason why corgis are expensive

Learn why corgis are so expensive.
Corgis are a popular breed that’s in high demand.

Corgis aren’t a rare breed by any means, as there are plenty of reputable corgi breeders all over the US. And globally also.

The main driving reason why corgis are expensive is because of their popularity.

Not to mention the many pros of corgi ownership, their ease of training, and corgi glitter.

They’re popular

They’re currently a very popular dog, and because they’re the “hot new thing,” this commands a high price tag.

The same effect happens across any other goods or service you can buy- it’s not specific to dogs.

Breeding dogs can be an expensive business, but at the same time, it’s not always about the bottom line and overhead costs.

If the breed is in demand, supply can easily raise the price. In this case, breeders are the suppliers and since corgi demand is high, the price will increase.

This is basic economics.

Even if the cost to raise the corgi before selling it is low, breeders can easily tack on a “popularity fee” just because everyone wants a corgi.

Reputable breeders

Corgi breeding from a responsible breeder incurs costs.

For reputable breeders, they often offer many things that explain the high price tag:

  • All current shots
  • A month of a food
  • Dog supplies
  • Vet checks
  • Medications
  • Health guarantees
  • AKC registrations
  • Neutering or spaying
  • On-demand knowledge and dog care

Sometimes these additional things really add up in price, which justifies the breeder selling the corgi for such an expensive price.

But other times, when breeders don’t offer anything to show they really care about the dog, they’re just one-person puppy mills.

And this is when you should run rather than support the breeder. If the breeder purely does this for profit, you should avoid buying a corgi from them.

Breeders charge more for popular breeds

You’ll notice the inflated price just because of corgi’s popularity, but you’ll also notice that the breeder doesn’t offer any of the above “add-ons” to the dog.

This trickles down to adoption centers. Some shelters raise their fees if the dog is in demand.

You’ll notice that even though they have an “adoption fee” or “rehoming fee,” it may vary between different breeds.

What’s the average price for a corgi?

Average corgi prices range depending on the breeder.
The average corgi price ranges from $600-$1200.

Corgi prices vary significantly depending on your location and where you’re buying one from. Breeder reputation is also a strong influencer of price.

If you’re in a state that has a high cost of living and you’re buying from a reputable breeder, expect to pay upwards to $2,200 for a corgi.

But if you’re in a low cost of living state and doing the same thing, your price may be much lower. You can expect to pay around $600-$1400.

There are also corgis at both extremes. Some “show dog” quality corgis can cost more than $4000 for a single dog.

Avoid cheap corgis

And then you have puppy mill breeders who charge $200-400 for a corgi, which is something you should highly question before buying.

Corgi demand is across the US and they’re selling like hotcakes.

This popularity factor will bump up the price no matter where you buy it from.

Corgi demand makes them expensive

Demand is high, and reputable breeders typically have only a single litter on a cycling basis.

Since the corgis sell so quickly, they can bump up their prices to get the most for their work. Not all breeders do this, as some aren’t in it for profit.

But you can expect a reputable breeder who sells their corgi litter for average prices will be sold out faster than you can say “sploot!”

How much do corgis cost to maintain?

Corgi relaxing on beach.
Corgis don’t cost more than any other dog to maintain.

Corgis don’t cost much more than any other breed to maintain for their average cost of ownership.

Regular maintenance fees are typical and you should expect to spend extra on grooming equipment.

They’re a small dog so food costs are low, along with equipment like a crate, leash, and even flea treatment. This saves you money.

However, they do shed nonstop, so you’ll be spending more money on grooming tools, dog shampoo, professional grooming, and a pet vacuum built for dog fur.

You can use a traditional regular vacuum, but don’t be surprised if it clogs and breaks.

Further reading

Here are some handy resources you may find useful:

Does the dog justify the price?

Corgi outdoors.
Now you know the average price and can avoid being ripped off.

Now you know the reason behind their price tags.

Corgis are an expensive breed and will continue to be one unless they drop off in popularity.

But with their cute pointy ears, furry butts, and nonstop splooting, this is probably something you don’t want to wait for.

Adopt a corgi or buy one from a good breeder and enjoy the corg!

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2 years ago

I have to say my fluffy Pembroke doesn’t shed nearly as much as my daughters which doesn’t seem to make sense but other fluffy owners and articles online seem to confirm this.