About CorgiAdoption

CorgiAdoption is a site that brings together rescues, shelters, breeders, and people looking to adopt a corgi.

We provide a service that connects prospective corgi owners with a way to adopt corgis in need.

We’re a small group of corgi enthusiasts who decided to put this resource together in our spare time.

We also have plenty of resources for corgi care to ease in new corgi owners so they can maximize their knowledge about the breed before adopting one.

Here at CorgiAdoption, we think educated owners make the best owners.

As a prospective corgi owner, you should do your due diligence and learn as much as you can about the breed before adopting or buying from a reputable breeder.

Corgis often end up for adoption in shelters and rescues because the previous owner never expected how much they bark. Or how much they shed. Or had no idea about how much energy they have.

Please do not be that owner again.

We believe that an educated corgi adopter reduces the number of corgis that end up in rescues and shelters.

This eliminates unexpected surprises from corgis, which means less corgis given up for adoption:

We think if an owner did the research beforehand, they’d have a clear picture of what to expect, which means a lesser chance of giving up the corgi.

So we offer both- a way for corgis in need to find a second (or third) chance. And plenty of corgi guides for people looking for their new family companion.

Welcome to CorgiAdoption. You took the first step in doing your part!

Please let us know if you find any inaccurate information, misspellings, or other articles that need to be updated.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.