Why corgis are the best dogs.

9 Reasons Why Corgis Are the Best Dogs (Ever!)

Wondering why corgis are the best dog ever? As claimed by their owners?

Sure, it’s a bias thing. But it’s still legit and fun to think about.

Now that’s a statement that’s sure to attract some fiery fans of any of the other dog breeds.

But for us corgi lovers, there’s no competition.

We all admire and cherish our long-bodied, short stouted, fluffy butts.

Here are some of my personal favorite reasons why they’re truly the best breed.

Disclaimer: These are 100% opinions.

1. Corgis love people

Corgis are one of the best dogs.
Corgis are the best dogs. Paws down.

Even though they can be a stubborn breed, they still like to please their owners however they can, specifically for a treat. No dog works for free.

The can be overly pricey, noisy, and even aggressive.

But corgis are one of the most food-motivated breeds and will work hard for the reward.

Whether it’s a tug on his favorite chew toy or a taste of his favorite dog treat, corgis will go the extra mile because of their strong motivation.

Between all the corgis I’ve worked with, the majority of them are “all-out” breeds. They don’t tend to “half-ass” anything and will go full force. That’s the best part.

Because they’re extremely smart and fast learners, they’ll pick up new tricks and commands like nothing. You can literally teach your corgi to sit in just minutes.

With constant reinforcement (positive only), you’ll teach your dog to do the tricks you command.

Corgis are eager to learn because of their need for mental stimulation. And because of this, they’re always happy to please.

Even though they’re expensive to own and have a lot maintenance (from showering to grooming), they’re still worth the hassle. That’s a corgi fact.

2. Corgis love exercise

Sorry to all the lap dog lovers, but corgis are not lap dogs. They’re not made for sitting at home all day doing nothing.

These dogs need to go out and exercise daily and sterously. They won’t tolerate loungin around on the couch all day.

And if you make them do that with nothing else to do, you should expect them to eat up your couch, bed, wires, and whatever else they can fit in their short muzzles.

This isn’t the corgi’s fault (unless they’ve had a bad history or bad behavior). But rather, you need to get up and get out and take your dog for a run.

Before all the moans and groans come in, remember that corgis are herding dogs.

They’re bred for herding cattle and sheep. This is what they’re born to do and their instincts call them to do. This is a good thing. Why? Because it forces you to provide the dog exercise, which in turn exercises yourself. Exercise is good.

And your dog can be a strong motivation. If you don’t, your corgi will then became destructive and chew up your stuff, bark, blow off fur all over your home, and even show signs of aggression.

Take this as a benefit.

You and your dog will both stay in shape. Another reason why they’re the best. If you’re a couch potato, consider getting a dog that has low exercise requirements.

3. Corgis talk a lot

Corgis are known for their yappy bark. They’re vocal dogs and will bark, grunt, yelp, and aroooo at their owners.

They communicate their vocality by marking a bunch of different sounds that you probably never heard of. These dogs have a mouth and ain’t afraid to use it.

This also means that a poorly socialized corgi that’s afraid of everything.

However, a properly trained corgi won’t have a barking problem other than the occasional expected bark after a trigger event.

Although some people prefer silent dogs, the sounds that come out of a corgi’s muzzle are just too entertaining to be silenced. You’ll understand when you get one.

Or you can ask any corgi owner.

Everything from grunting when family members are in different rooms to talking back to their owners, these dogs know how to speak their canine mind.

Don’t think of it as a negative of owning one, it’s actually a pro. It’s the only way they can talk with you. Imagine if they actually could speak English.

4. Corgis look unique

A cute corgi with toungue out.
Cute corgi.

Both pembroke and cardigan corgis have the head of a fox, body of a wiener dog, and legs of a shorty.

Cardigans also have that fluffy tail here in the US, while Pembrokes are docked.

Their body type is comical to an extent and just seeing the agility and speed of a corgi zooming around and playing with dogs 6 times his size is just funny to watch.

They’re not afraid of dogs many times their size. You wouldn’t expect a dog with andropplastic dwarfism to tussle with a larger dog.

And you would never expect them to just blast off at speeds topping 25 miles per hour.

These dogs are like miniature rockets that defy gravity and physics. And they do it with that classic corgi derp while they sleep.

5. They produce corgi glitter

If the barking isn’t enough, the corgi glitter just may do the trick.

These dogs will leave their fur all over your home- the couch, bed, drawers, and even your dinner.

But over time, you’ll get accustomed to it.

Perhaps you can be one of those people who groom out so much corgi hair that you can make another corgi buddy for your corgi. This exists. Don’t be surprised.

Corgis have double coats which shed all year long, but really go crazy and blow off when the seasons change. This is why they shed like no other.

They’re heavy shedders and if you hate dog hair everywhere, this is definitely not a dog breed you should be considering. You’ve been warned.

On the plus side, you can get plenty of housework done and keep your home tidy. And get some exercise also.

6. They’re alert and active

Ever seen a lazy corgi? Probably at the end of the day.

Corgis by nature are high energy dogs and will be ready for whatever you’re doing.

A sprint in the park? Done.

Jogging around the block? No problem.

Playing frisbee for an hour? No sweat.

These dogs extremely active dogs with a ton of energy and stamina that never stop working.

Although they’re not on the scale of border collies, they’re still very active dogs for their size. If you keep them exercised, they’ll be less prone to negative dog behaviors and be a healthy, well-rounded dog.

So if you’re someone with an active lifestyle, you’ll be happy to know that corgis can keep up with you.

A perfect partner for the hiking trails, neighborhood park, or even track and field! This alone makes corgis one of the best dog breeds out there.

7. Corgis are happy dogs

A happy corgi.
A happy corgi? Yes.

Some dogs are known for their silent, reserved and shy nature. Shelties are a good example.

Others are known for their rambunctious, extroverted behavior. Pomeranians are a prime example.

Then you have those dog breeds that are “serious” and all about work, such as border collies

And then you have lazy dogs that are happy to lay at home all day and snuggle up, like havanese.

Corgis are somewhere between a pomeranian’s disposition with ton of energy and happy mood, but with the work ethic of a border collie who loves to herd.

They’re happy dogs that aren’t prone to being moody and will please their owners when food is involved.

8. They can do a bit of everything

They can also be stubborn and even find ways to manipulate their owners because of their high intelligence.

But after a long day out, they turn into snuggle bugs that love to cuddle like a havanese.

They can also somewhat loyal and stick by their owner, but not to the degree of a single owner dog like a sheltie.

Corgis are rather multiple owner dogs and bond with the entire family. They do show a preference for a specific person, but they’ll check on the entire family, specifically if they’re scattered all over the house.

This makes them a fine balance between energy levels, mood, and cuddle ability.

They’re like a jack off all trades dog breed. Or something.

Why’s this good?

Because they can adapt to different personalities of their owners.

Are you a quiet reserved person? The corgi can bring out your playful side.

Are you loud and amicable? Corgis will join your trot.

They can suit a variety of personalities which makes them versatile dogs since they’re not locked to a specific owner’s personality type.

This alone makes corgis a very attractive breed.

9. They’ll help you build a routine

While this can be said for nearly all dog breeds, corgis tend to really nudge their owners to follow a routine.

This means if you don’t take your dog for a walk, he’ll nudge you by doing some weird behavior until you do.

This is good for days where you’re feeling lazy, down, or just don’t “feel” like doing stuff. Your corgi will know that it’s time for a walk, time to play, or even just time to eat.

And if you don’t do it, he’ll bark, stare, or even start nipping at you. This is a good thing.

Think of all the benefits:

  • A corgi can keep you on an exercise regimen with your dog should you get lazy
  • A corgi can keep you on a positive streak
  • A corgi can help you develop good habits
  • Routine builds habits, which makes you stick to them

Everything from picking up the mail in the morning or doing your night run after your shift.

Corgis are creatures of habit and will keep you in check.

Further reading

Here are some other thoughts from corgi lovers:

Now you know why corgis are one of the best dog breeds

Derpy corgi.

With all these details, you know have some idea of why this breed is so admirable and popular around the world. Got any other tips to add? Post ’em in the comments.

I hope this page has helped you decide to adopt a corgi into your routine!

They’re truly one of the best dogs ever and live up to the “man’s best friend” motto.

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